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Solomon Deep

A young man reflects on how divorce impacted his life the summer he got his first Nintendo... and his second... and his third. In the uncertain parental universe he traversed, the button on his 8-bit consoles allowed a reset in a world in which he had little control. The summer swam with refreshes in dreams, in love, and in life. This creative nonfiction piece is a reimagining of a nonfiction oral history recorded by the author.


Nick and Nora

At twenty-seven on the cruise ship, I finally felt like there was a freeing fresh new restart with my wife. There would be the attention, the dedication, and the absolute worship of one another. It would finally be everything.

We barreled toward San Juan. I wondered when it would begin. Her miracle sex, her attention, her blanket of comfort. We would finally be in tune, dedicated to our happiness, and I could forget. We would be the terminal momentum of love velocity.

The sea wind blew across the deck. My ring was heavy on my finger. Fresh, refresh, and everything started anew.


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