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Solomon Deep

A young man reflects on how divorce impacted his life the summer he got his first Nintendo... and his second... and his third. In the uncertain parental universe he traversed, the button on his 8-bit consoles allowed a reset in a world in which he had little control. The summer swam with refreshes in dreams, in love, and in life. This creative nonfiction piece is a reimagining of a nonfiction oral history recorded by the author.


The Most Wonderful Place On Earth

At ten, nothing made sense.

The refresh button, the game world; that made sense. To start over. Refresh. Summer refresh, and to be able to get some Nintendo in before school started again was a reasonable goal to have, right? To have some time to play, relax, without anyone surprising me with a suit, or with a ring, or with anything.

But school started. I started talking to a woman at school. She had me talk in a group with other kids around a round table.

"What did you do this Summer?" She asked.

The other kids talked. I don't remember what they said.

"I went to Disney. There was an awesome Star Wars ride, it was new. You flew everywhere in Star Wars and there were blasters and a robot that talked to you."


"Yeah, I went with my Mom. And Dad was there."

A couple weeks later when my mom and the adjustment counselor had a check in conversation over the phone, she brought up how nice the summer sounded.

Mom came in to school. I had to clarify that I said I wished I had gone to Disney at the very beginning and that they must have missed it.

Mom and the counselor kept talking, and I went back to class.

At home, the egg was gone again.


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