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Solomon Deep

A young man reflects on how divorce impacted his life the summer he got his first Nintendo... and his second... and his third. In the uncertain parental universe he traversed, the button on his 8-bit consoles allowed a reset in a world in which he had little control. The summer swam with refreshes in dreams, in love, and in life. This creative nonfiction piece is a reimagining of a nonfiction oral history recorded by the author.


In The Not Too Distant Future

Mom's stomach had a bigger paunch. She dressed up to go to dinner in the North End with Anthony or Tony or Love or Cantonese or whatever. She had a lot of eye makeup and a tight yellow cable knit sweater.

I stayed up late, alone in the apartment. When my sister fell asleep, I could watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Twilight Zone. It was too late to mess with the Nintendo, all of the resetting and refreshing and breathing and trying to get it to work.

I fell asleep in the musty old armchair with the TV on.


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