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Brooke spun the ring around her finger over and over again. She slipped it off and then back on, moving her fingers along its smooth texture until she was sure she knew every detail. Somehow, the repetitiveness distracted her yet added to her guilt at the same time. Her mind raced, blocking the activity around her completely out. She denied the truth and reality that made her chest feel heavy and her head throb. Yes. Denial was her best friend at the moment even if it were a false one. A friend was something that she needed desperately considering her current situation. However, she refused to accept that she didn’t need one that would hold her captive in the darkness. “Brooke!” The sharp shout, caused her to jump and she dropped the small item which her idle fingers had been playing with unwisely. Ignoring the voice, she dropped to her knees in search of the ring. “Brooke,” The voice said again, this time gently. “You need to understand.” Brooke, abandoning her search for the ring, stood and facing the owner of the voice, responded, “I do understand.” “Good. Then we must continue.” The voice said. Brooke closed her eyes and collapsed back into her chair. She lacked the energy to search for the lost ring any longer and the peace to put it back on her finger, considering its true meaning.
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