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The Celestial


Christopher Young

In the beginning, there was but the Void and the Void knew no end. The story of Creation plays out and ends, but the battle between good and goes on. The hybrid of good and evil, a creature known as The Celestial, discovers a horrifying secret that he must reveal to the world. But will it be able to escape the keeper of the forbidden knowledge, or will the Lord of Secrets silence it permanently?


Creation and Destruction

  In the beginning, there was nothing but the Void, and the Void knew no end. Then, the Creator spoke into the Void and said, “Let there be light.” And there was light.

The rest of the story is history.

Unfortunately, some significant details are missing in the retelling of this story. That’s the nature of stories and humans. As they pass down their tales, they distort them more and more, unless the Keepers maintain the purity of the tales. Few Keepers were able to keep key aspects of the story intact, and only the eldest and wisest of Keepers know the full tale.

The Keepers were individuals of three of the four different races, scattered throughout history. Mortal, Mer, and Divine (or the Blessed, as they are called,) they reside in Heaven once their time on the mortal plane is up. Their charge was preserving the sanctity of the True Stories of the world and preventing Demons (the Cursed) from tampering with them.

The four races were scattered throughout Creation. The Divine inhabited Heaven, the Cursed inhabited Hell, and Mortal and Mer alike shared Earth and Térranôn, the mortal realms. Few Mortals inhabited Térranôn, and eventually, the denizens of Earth forgot about their sister planet. Térranôn didn’t remember the Earth for very long either, and the two grew apart in the cosmos.

The Mortals flourished on Earth, spreading their kingdoms, states, and nations far across the planet’s surface. They built monuments, machines, and temples to different gods. Some of them even forgot about their Creator, and others despised the idea that a Creator was even possible.

Térranôn, on the other hand, never made mechanical machines as Earth did. They build monuments, remembered their Creator, and spread kingdoms in all directions. But the people of this planet developed magic, taught to them by the Divines. Mages of all sorts emerged, and though magic seemed mundane to them, some people used their skill to make a living, devoting their lives to the pursuit of power and protection of the people.

The Divines resided with their Creator, following His command and spreading peace and joy when there was conflict. However, some of the Divines, led by the evil force known as Zagonus Mora, descended from the Heavens and made their abode in Hell, from which they spread havoc upon the other races.

The Divines sent ambassadors and deities to guard the Mer and Mortals. Some of these were the sisters Ataxia, Lady of Light, and Luna, the Guardian of the Moon. They guarded the skies of both worlds. Then there was Oshus, who patrolled the waters, and Sol, who defended the ground. Zenithar, the sky, surrounded Luna and Ataxia.

The greatest of the Divines under the Creator were Zaazenach and Vhegomalthaeus, guardians of justice and death. Vhegomalthaeus was the commander of the Divine armies, and Zaazenach was his shield-bearer. Vhegomalthaeus was the second of the Divines made by the Creator, only after Zagonus Mora, and none exceeded his power.

The Divines together protected the Mer and Mortals for centuries, ensuring that peace was maintained throughout creation.

As fate would have it, that peace did not last. Luna, the Guardian of the Moon, became enthralled by the evil of Zagonus Mora and was banished to the Dark Moon, Enondos, as punishment. Enondos was stained black by her evil, and the Creator sent Serana, daughter of Zagonus and angel of love, to replace the fallen Luna as Guardian of the Moon and Queen of the Lunar Empire. There was nothing but silence from Enondos, and Earth, Térranôn and the Lunar Empire continued to thrive, safe from harm.

Despite the peace, there was still the danger of the Cursed. A great war ensued between the two races that quickly drew Man and Mer into its involvement on Térranôn. Divines and Cursed alike suffered great losses. The Demons captured even the some of the Guardians. The wicked dragon queen, Lythania, performed a gruesome experiment in an attempt to topple the Divine. She did the unthinkable and crossed the border between Blessed and Cursed and impregnated herself via a captured Zenithar. The result was appalling in the eyes of both sides. It was a grey-skinned, humanoid, winged creature. Its ears were pointed like those of the Mer, but its face was shaped like that of a Man. It bore long, frightening fangs, and its eyes, one silver and one black, bore into the souls of those it saw. Because of its demonic origins, the Blessed spurned it. But because it did not wish to destroy the Blessed, it was hated by the Cursed. Fear of it ostracized it from Mer and Man, and so the creature was left alone.

Vhegomalthaeus and his armies defeated the demons, and not knowing what else to do, the creature fled to the only place it could be alone: Enondos. There it roamed for thousands of years, alone and afraid. Listening carefully to the tales whispered in the wind, it learned of what had transpired in the past. It found no company and no peace. Out of boredom, it built great cities from the black stone of the moon. It built monuments to the Blessed and Cursed alike, but its greatest fascination was Luna, the banished Moon Guardian. She was the only other on Enondos, and though it could not see her, it could feel her presence.

This creature, neither Divine nor Demon, had many powers. It could turn invisible and float on the whispers of mortals, it could heal or destroy with its eyes, and it could see into the souls of those it gazed upon, knowing good and evil, truth and falsehood. It could hear everything if it chose to, but it was overwhelmed by the reality that it could not enjoy the pleasures it heard of, so it ignored the constant whispers. Perhaps its greatest power was that it regenerated when harmed, and it could make itself, and other things, young again. But it had no way of knowing this because there was nothing that would hurt it on Enondos.

The creature was the only Celestial in existence, belonging to nothing except to the sky from which it came. Sometimes it tried to talk to its father, but there was never a response. Eventually, the rest of creation forgot about the Celestial, Enondos, and the imprisoned Luna.

All except the Keepers. The Keepers remembered.


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