Cover Art

November 2016


Catherine Mohs

Short Ranger's Apprentice fanfiction stories written during the NaNoWriMo YWP in November. My friend and I took the Inktober ( prompts and challenged ourselves to write at least 100 words for each prompt every day. *NOTE: This is UNEDITED! I'm just posting what I have written for fun in the last few months.*

01 November


Infuriated, Rea jumps onto Kicker's back and spurs him out of the castle barn. She clatters

across the drawbridge and past the startled guards. bending low over her horse's streaming

mane, Rea closes her eyes, letting the tears run freely. She felt that what she had done was the

wrong thing to do, but she couldn't have helped herself. It had all happened so fast; it all seemed

like a terrible dream and she was just waking up to find that the dream was all true. She knew

that the things she said had been biting and hurtful and even now, she regretted them. The look

of utter horror and dismay on Alix's face, followed by the look of deep sadness and hurt. She

shut her eyes tighter, trying to get rid of the image. Kicker's rate slowed and she looked up.

Realizing that they were nearing the edge of the forest, she turned once more to look back at the

castle's towers and ramparts, surrounded with men busily rebuilding the broken and breached

parts. She hesitated only for a moment before abruptly turning her back on everything she had

once loved and rides into the welcoming darkness and quiet of the woods.


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