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December 2016


Catherine Mohs

Short Ranger's Apprentice fanfiction stories written in December. My friend and I came up with a list of words which then we'd have to write at least 100 words for each prompt every day. *NOTE: This is UNEDITED! I'm just posting what I have written for fun in the last few months.*

01 December


Rea looks out the window and groans. “Alix, do we have to do the mile run this morning?” A inch of snow lay on the ground, but as the sun was coming up, Rea realized that the snow would turn wet, slippery, and cold very quickly, which made it hard to run. Alix grins mischievously at her. “What’s a little snow to you? It can’t be that bad.” Rea sighs and turns away, muttering, “For you…”


An hour later finds Rea slipping along as fast as she can go through the melting snow. Behind her Alix is sitting on Willow, looking at her apprentice who fell for the umpteenth time in the slush. Rea glares at her as she gets back up, brushing the snow off her pants. “It’s your fault if I catch a death of a cold.”



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