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Becoming Venus


Bryan Varner

A story that takes place in New Orleans, about a young girl who is getting bullied constantly in high school. Tired of being bullied, she changes her appearance into someone beautiful using witchcraft.

Becoming Venus Chapter 1

Becoming Venus


A young adult fantasy short story, celebrating all of France, the people of France, and all French Descendants


Chapter 1


He was laughing at me, just like everyone else. I wanted to run away, but I had nowhere to go. The tall, dark-haired bully taunted me,


“Where are you going to go, Monica? Everyone here doesn't like you.”


I held back my tears, and when the bell rung, I was happy to escape their insults. I thought about them during my whole class. It was the last class of the day, thank God. When I finally got out of school, I nearly ran home. When I arrived at my large brick house, I was happy to see my mother and father wasn't home yet from work. I went into the bathroom, and washed my face, looking at my medium length brown hair, my blue eyes, and my thin body, wondering why they hated me so much. Try as I might to deny the truth, I knew exactly why they hate me. I'm not like them, not at all. They hate me because I'm different. As I stood up, stretching out my 5 foot 7 inch frame, I felt better, but only because I'm home. 


After entered my bedroom, which was cluttered as always, I grabbed a book that I hid under my bed, one with golden letters on a thick, black leather cover. The book was titled “The Book Of Shadows”, which was a grimoire I had recently acquired. Inside of it was all sorts of witchcraft spells I just started been practicing. Each time I used magick, I felt better about myself. Many people pick on me at school because I am from France. They think I am weak and too strange. When I am home, all alone, I am a powerful witch. Quite simply put, magick is my escape. 


As I set up my candles and drew the spellbinding circle on the ground, our special symbol, the pentagram, I flipped through my grimoire’s pages, trying to find the perfect spell that'll give me what I want and make me happy. I found ones used for revenge and ones to gain riches, but one in particular stood out to me. It was one to transform into a new and beautiful creature. I wondered what I would do with such a power? What I really want is for them to stop picking on me, but I know I could gain so much more from this incantation. It will make me as beautiful as Cleopatra or Helen Of Troy. Imagine the possibilities! However, I am a bit afraid to do the spells. It warns me that I may never revert back to my true self. My parents may never recognize me again. However, I don't care. I'm tired of all of the abuse that the other students do to me. They see me as weak, and say the most indecent of things about me. I can't stand it any longer. It's time to change. 


There is no turning back. After I had sat down in the middle of the circle and lit the five candles at each point of the pentagram, I held my hands out, and I recited the spell, 


“Mother Earth, Father Sky, let my old self die. Let me live in new skin, and let my new life begin. Bless me for my punishment, let a new angel be made, beautiful, magnificent. Let her be me, I pray unto thee. So mote it be.” 


My body started to bend and contort, twisting and curving. My hair lengthened and grew thick, my pupils shrank and my nose became more narrow. My feet shrunk and my fingers lengthened. After all of the changes, I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. My hair and eyes maintained their original color, and I started to put makeup on and changed out of my modest dress and into baggy clothes so my parents wouldn't notice all of the new features. I combed my hair back and put it in a ponytail, and I noticed something new. 


“Oh my God!” 


In my hair line was a small tattoo, it being an ankh, an Egyptian sorceress sign. I used makeup to cover it up, and I went down to see if dinner was ready. My father and mother were both home now, and each of them looked at me and smiled. My father, a large man with black hair and raven features, complimented me, 


“You look nice, Monica. Did you do something with your hair? The style and coloring looks really great!”


I turned around and quickly looked into the hallway mirror. My hair was now red. Returning my focus to my father, and smiled. I told him, 


“ friend at school helped me do it. I'm glad you like it. Maybe I'll actually get a date for the dance this year.”


My mother laughed cheerfully, a woman of medium height and light complexion. Her hair was the same color as my old hair. She is quite a beautiful woman. Now maybe people will compare us. No one ever thought before that I was her daughter. 


“That would be nice, dear. I know how badly you have always wanted to go to one. Let's hope whoever takes you is a real gentleman.”


I laughed too, and replied to my mother, 


“I hope so, too, mom. I don't want anyone to try and take advantage of me. I just want to go with someone and consider them just a friend.”


The spell makes me attractive to everyone. I look like an angel. I pray that not too many boys chase after me, but, then again, it might be kinda fun. We sat down for dinner, which my mother had finished. It was pot roast with potatoes and salad. My mother always makes the best food. She works at a restaurant that specializes in Cajun cuisine. At home, however, she makes anything but Cajun food. She told me once,


“I make and serve Cajun food all the time at my job. I get real sick of it, so I cook anything but it for you and your father. If you ever want some Cajun food, just ask. I'll bring you home some.”


After that, I stopped eating Cajun food. My mother had a great point. For people living in Louisiana, eating local food can be very boring. I look forward to whatever she cooks each night. She is my role model when it comes to her conventional mind. For everything else, I look up to a legendary woman named Lilith. Her life inspires me, just like the other goddesses I read about such as Athena and Artemis. My parents don't know that I use witchcraft, and I pray they never do. Such things to them are strange. 


That night I noticed there was a full moon. It looks so beautiful. I wanted to remember it forever, and I chose to write it down in this journal. I hope someday that I will have found my happy place, my secret haven of bliss. Yet, for right now, I just want people to not be mean to me....and maybe a boyfriend. Someone who can see my true inner beauty and my inner goddess. Consider my new form to be bait. I wish that men weren't like that, but what is a girl to do?  




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