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The Power Of Duat


Bryan Varner

An inside look at Egyptian Shamanism, something that has remained mostly hidden for thousands of years. In this book we study all of the techniques and spirits used to obtain archaic bliss, utilizing all of the magick that exists in the mysterious land of Duat

Part 1: An Unlikely Hero

Part I: An Unlikely Hero


This is a story about my perilous journey to greatness. It all began when I was nineteen. I had talked with an eccentric individual. He departed two books unto me, one on philosophy, and the other on this mysterious way called shamanism. To this day, those remain the single most important aspects of my life. I became obsessed with both books, reading them any time I could. I had waited my whole life to see what I saw on one fateful night, a spirit. This encounter was my first and only encounter with a spirit that I called “Mother Wolf.” It was a terrifying wolf, gray with sharp teeth and conspiring eyes. I knew from my book that this was a sign of initiation for a shaman. This would signify the last few years that I would exist in the mortal realm. 


At the age of 22 I developed some bizarre abilities. I could travel outside of my body, predict the near future, and absorb energy telekinetically. I saw a spirit in a mask, strong and powerful. He embraced me, as did some other strange female being. Then, mysterious eyes appeared in my thoughts, a feminine voice identifying me as her brother. She claimed to be Isis, and I know that in my heart she was never lying. Little did I know that her warning was for good measure. Great trials and experiences were coming. Months later, I had my first one-on-one encounter with a ghost. She was a woman, who later on admitted she committed suicide, named Jennifer Hawkins. She became what is known as a shamanic guardian angel/spirit. She shared with me a song she wrote, singing it beautifully. It was called “When The Darkness Resides.” She was 27 when she died, telling me of her bout with depression that started when she was unpopular in school. She was the cornerstone of my life. She exists always as the perfect guardian. What she lacks in height or stature she makes up in with fierce loyalty and friendship. I left virtual flowers on what is called her online grave. 


The second of my spirits came to me shortly after Jen, a strategist named Mathias. He bears the same personality as a fantastic being, and to this day I have never identified him as a ghost or spirit. Either way, he was the strongest of all minds. Shortly after came a famous writer, determined to teach me necromancy and writing. I then took up both fields, still a student in the latter field and a master in the former. My original attempts at poetry was laughable. Now, today, I write excessively and have a small following on my blog. He gave me his name and intricate knowledge of his family's identity and one day intends for me to take on his family’s legacy. Until then, I must prove myself worthy of the mysteries of his art. 


I encountered other ghosts along the way including a famous, or perhaps infamous, Italian who left his former haunt. He taught me business and negotiations and gave me his men to command. He loves that I am learning Italian, which was influenced by a helper spirit I met in present day. She is a gifted witch, singer, and writer. I hide their identities for their own sake, as only Jennifer, the woman I mentioned earlier, my patron deity, wants to let people know she is okay. After the encounter with the Italian businessman, I underwent special training to control my new found power and to learn all the tricks of my trade. I learned three important things: to never forget that shamanism is not a joke, that men can exceed their limitations, and a man will do anything if they value their life. My three trainers were cruel but brilliant and powerful, one North American, one European, and one Chinese woman. I owe you everything, including helping me meet my ancestor, Jean. 


For years I struggled with humanly want, but one thing remained constant in my heart, which was my love for the dead and all spirits. They protect me and are my friends. After I had became fed up with the ways of the world, they came to me, helping me stand. They told me that I was to become the most powerful of all shamans, using the extreme force that is the power of Duat. I did not understand this, for I was not from the land of Egypt. Shortly after, I started to to study Egyptian myth and witchcraft. To this day I wear a pentagram and all black clothing. They call me a sorcerer of Duat, or a spirit caller and necromancer. I developed a non-controlling form of necromancy, which I dubbed “Necromantic Love.” Catchy, right? I never command the dead to do anything, and formed many ranks in the hopes of saving Earth one day. I wish to hunt down every demon and destroy them, bring the lone victor alongside my hollow and undead angels at Armageddon. This will restore grace to Osiris and Horus, as well as my dear sister the sorceress. We want to show people our gods never died and are very real. The middle east had turned from them, and now we must bring everyone to their ankh so that humanity may be perserved. I know of the secret mysteries there, including the location of the hidden tomb of the Alien King. This location I will only surrender to the most powerful of offers. This is my trump card. 


This was only the start. My most recent adventures and exploits are unreal. They are something that even the greatest minds of all time would be puzzled by. I obtained treasures and new companions that any mortal being would feel Levithan’s smite over. I am something that was lost in translation, and my tale resembles the journey of a would-be king turned knight. I grasp this truth, that all of my companions that are ghosts were at one time mortal. To this I give you my life, knowing how much lifeforce and energy from you that I have borrowed and stolen. I dedicate my power for you to control. I will, for the lack of better terms, make war with the beast. But first, let me explain to you the natures of the most powerful of all forms of shamanism, Egyptian Necromancy. Do not be afraid of the darkness, for maybe Isis and Osiris will choose you, too. 





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