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I'm Your (Dark)Angel


Alondra Dalton

Celeste Archer has spent her whole life in hiding and clueless. Having no memory where her parents are, where she came from, or even who she is... she lives alone with her best friend. The only clue to all her questions is a black feather. What does it mean? Along comes in Alec Spence. His whole life has been nothing but a mystery. Living with his father and having witnessed his mother's death. He seeks revenge. The only lead he has on his mother's murderer is a black feather... When Celeste and Alec meet all hell breaks loose.

Chapter 1

A Memory?

For as long as I can remember, life has been nothing but cruel. 

I've spent most of my lifetime in hiding. 

From what? That I don't know. 

I'm always on my guard prepared to fight anything or anyone. I lost my parents when I was 10. I lost all memories from my time before. I don't know what happened to my parents, where I came from, or who I am really. I only know of my name, Celeste Archer. If it wasn't for my best friend, Roxie Cross, I would be on the streets. I trust no one but her, and only her. 

The only clue to my parent's disappearance and my memories is a

Black Feather...


"Celeste are you ready to head out?" Roxie asked walking into my room.

"Can't I just stay home? Like seriously Roxie, when do I ever go out?" I questioned, still lying on my bed.

"Nunca. That is exactly why we are going out. Now muévete chica." She protested, pulling me off my bed and dragging me to my closet.

"Ugh." I groaned. Knowing she was only doing this because she worries, I decided to give up and grab the first thing I saw in my closet. Pulling out a black tank top, a blue plaid shirt, and a pair of ripped boot-cut pants, I quickly changed into them. I slipped on my black and blue DC shoes.

I checked myself out in the mirror. I smiled, seeing my black, wavy hair past my shoulders, high cheekbones, pointed chin (well sort of), slim nose, full lips, and (sadly) large forehead. I had a nice slender body with a few curves of my own. I was no model but I wasn't some street rat either. My favorite feature though, had to be my hazel blue eyes. Just looking into them made me wonder who I got them from.... My dad? or my mom?

"Hey sexy." Roxie purred, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I chuckled. "What are you a cat now?" Roxie just stuck her tongue out in response.

Roxie, unlike me, had a jean skirt with black leggings on with a black studded tank top. She had on her favorite pair of black wedge ankle boots.

People always say we look like twins, and honestly I wouldn't blame them. We had the same features with a few that differ, for instance she had a more oval shaped face with soft cheeks, her eyes being a deep chocolate color that any guy would fall for, and her body was the same with a tad bit more curves.

Just looking at us, we could definitely almost pass as twins.

"Let's get this night over with." I groaned.

We headed towards the front door of our house, when I suddenly stopped. "Roxie? Are you really planning on going out like that?" I questioned her. I turned around to look at Roxie and like I figured her wings we're still visible.

So, small detail I forgot to mention, Roxie is a guardian angel.

"What? People will think they're just fake." She argued. "Its not like anyone is going to figure out--" "Roxie?" I interrupted her. "Your a guardian angel. Your supposed to be more responsible than me, yet you always complain about putting your wings away whenever you go out. It's not safe going out like that and I'm not going to risk you getting taken away. Now put them away!" She looked like she was about to argue but didn't. She knew I was right. She tucked away her golden white wings, making them no longer visible.

For as long as I can remember, Roxie has always been an angel. She's the one that found me after my parent's disappearance. Although she's an angel, she's actually a year younger than me.

No she's not my guardian angel, she just found me by chance. Though, I don't know who she guards, I think its a boy but I'm not too sure.

The weird thing about this? I can see who's an angel and who's not.... the heavenly sight.

Roxie says its not possible for me to have the sight, but I do. I know who's human, who's an angel, and.... who's a dark angel. Didn't expect that huh? Well yeah dark angels exist as do fallen angels.

"Hey Rox, where exactly are we going?" I asked, as we walked outside.

"A party." Roxie smirked.

I stopped dead on my trails. "What!?" I gawked at her.

Roxie ignored me and kept walking. "Hurry up slowpoke or else you'll be left behind." She said amused. After a few short seconds, I caught up to her. I should've known she would do this to me. "So who's party is it this time?" I questioned. "Some senior at the school." She said calmly.

Another senior? Roxie sure is popular with the guys. She always gets invited to these sort of things. She invites me to tag along, but I always tell her I rather stay home. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go for once. As I kept thinking to myself, I abruptly ran into Roxie's (somehow) hard back.

"Geez Rox, why did you stop so suddenly?" I baffled, rubbing my nose. "I think you broke my nose." Roxie turned to me amused. "Is it bleeding?" I checked, seeing no blood. "No... it still hurts." I muttered. "Come on chica. Let's Fiesta!" Roxie said excitedly, dragging me into, by the looks of it, a mansion like house. This should be fun. I said to myself sarcastically.


After two hours of "partying", Roxie was drunk off her ass. I had Coke the whole time we were here, so I was fully aware of who and where I was. It was funny seeing Roxie drunk. They had karaoke, so every chance Rox would steal the mic and sing her lungs out.

I watched as Roxie stumbled to the karaoke machine, again. She struggled for a bit, but finally choose a song. A Day to Remember If It Means a Lot to You starts playing. I swear she's been singing all of my favorite songs.

"Annd Heyyy Darling," Roxie slurred. " I hopee you'reee greaat to-day." I chuckled. As always Roxie started messing up the lyrics. It's amusing seeing Roxie like this. I should start coming to these parties more often if it means seeing drunk Roxie.

"Laa, La, Laaa, La, La, Laa, Laaaa," Roxie yelled. "Till eveybodyy is siging."

Laughing at her singing, I decided to take a break from the drunk singing Roxie. Grabbing another coke, I headed outside the mansion like house. Taking in the cool fresh air, I sat under a huge tree in their backyard. The party ended being held by Tyler James. I don't know much of him. He's a famous senior, obviously popular with the girls and also the school's best football player.

I dug my hand into my pocket and pulled out the black feather. I never go anywhere without it. Who knows maybe it'll help me find a lead to my parents and my memories. Its just... no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to remember anything before Roxie found me or even what my parents look like. It's like my memories were erased by something or someone.

"Uggghh!" I groaned. Why can't I remember anything? God this is so annoying. I wrapped my arms around my knees and pulled them close to my chest. I rested my forehead on my arms and closed my eyes. I need to stop thinking so much. I can't afford to get frustrated right now. I'm at a party, I just need to relax and have fun. I tried calming my thoughts, when suddenly I heard footsteps.

I quickly put the feather away. I stood up, my guard on, and ready for whatever was coming. The footsteps stopped a few feet from the tree. Feeling a little uneasy, I decided to take a peek on who it was.

I peeked over the tree, just enough for me to see whoever it was but enough so they wouldn't notice me. What I saw was a very and I mean very handsome guy. He had a well-built body, one I wouldn't mind seeing everyday. He had semi-curly golden blonde hair. A chiselled face, with a sturdy yet triangular jaw. Taking a closer look to his smooth skin, I noticed a scar right above his right eye. Somehow it added more to his handsomeness. By the looks of it it could be no longer than 3 inches. I wonder what happened to cause that.

As I kept trying to figure him out and why he was out here, he turned toward me and we made eye contact. I took a deep breathe. Never in my life have I ever seen such piercing greyish-blue eyes. They were so gorgeous, I couldn't take my eyes of his. Though something else was keeping me from breaking eye contact.

After a few seconds the mysterious man smiled, and with that something inside of me triggered.


"Mama, don't leave me." I cried. "I'm sorry sweetie, but this is good-bye for now. I need to find your father and its too dangerous. The nice man will take you somewhere safe. I love you honey." The Women, who I guess was my mother, said, kissing my forehead. Someone behind me, picked me up and held me in their arms. "Are you sure you want to do this, Scarlet?" The strange man asked my mother. "Yes, this is the only way. Please take care of Celeste.... Make sure one of their guardians find her." Mother said, trying not to cry. "I will. I'll make sure she stays safe."

My mother disappeared out of thin air and left behind in her presence was a black feather, gracefully landing in my hands. I looked up and saw the mysterious guy from before except older. The strange man looked down and smiled. The same smile. "Don't worry Celeste. Everything will be fine."


"-Okay?" Snapping out of my trance, I realized the mysterious guy was talking to me. "W-what?" I stuttered, knowing my face was turning red. This time he smirked. "I asked if you were okay? You seemed quite interested in what you were looking at." He said amused. "As if. I just thought you looked familiar." I said shamefully. I can't believe I let myself get caught checking him out, I scolded myself.

What was that though? That memory... that's never happened before.

I glanced at the mysterious guy, realizing he was still looking at me. "Take a picture it'll last longer." I teased. Surprised by my words, he looked away. I noticed his face was turning a tint of red. I chuckled. That's cute, I never seen a guy blush before.

After a short silence, I decided it was about time to get Roxie and go home. I walked passed the mysterious guy, not bothering to tell him a thing. He may be handsome, but he's still a stranger, a stranger that triggered something in me. Its best for me to stay away from him.

"Hey!" He shouted. I stopped, and looked back. "Yeah?" He opened and closed his mouth a few time before he finally spoke. "What's your name?" He asked. Taken back by his question, it took me awhile to answer. Placing my index finger on my mouth I finally said, "Secret." I already knew he didn't like my response. Before he could say anything, I spoke again. "Next time we meet, I'll tell you." And with that, I went inside.

I need to find Roxie. Maybe she knows what happened back there and if so, I might just finally have a lead on my parents. For now, I need to stay as far away from him as possible. Who knows, maybe if I'm lucky we won't see each other again.

Then again if I'm lucky... maybe we will.


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