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February 2017


Catherine Mohs

Short Ranger's Apprentice fan fiction stories written in February. My friend and I came up with a list of corny/sarcastic/funny sayings which then we'd have to write at least 100 words for each prompt every other day. *NOTE: This is UNEDITED! I'm just posting what I have written for fun in the last few months.*

01 February

“So what if I broke my arm, I’m still doing it.”

Rea peers into the semi darkness of the warehouse. “Alix?” she calls out tentatively. “Alix, where are you?” The girl steps through the door, looking about her warily. She hears a noise to her right and sees her mentor perched on the top of a stack of crates, nearly ten feet up. “Alix, what are yo…?” Alix motions for her to be quiet, her eyes fixed straight ahead. Suddenly, gunfire shatters the silence and Alix hurriedly leaps down. As she jumps thought, the heel of her boot catches the edge of one of the crates as she lands awkwardly on her left arm as she reaches the ground. Rea cringes as she hears a snapping sound as her mentor hits the dirt floor. Swearing under her breath, Alix scrambles to her feet and shoves Rea behind some boxes, diving in after her.

Rea looks at her mentor in concern. Alix’s face was ashen and the pistol in her right hand was shaking badly. “Alix, maybe we should call for support. You’re in no condition to take out the two remaining men.” Alix shakes her head stubbornly. “No, we’re going to finish this job. I’m not going to stop just because I fell.” “But you broke your arm!” “So what if I broke my arm! I’m still doing it.” Rea sighs. “You are a stubborn one, aren’t you? Well, at least let me splint your arm before you go dashing out there again. It will make it hurt less. And be easier for the doctors to fix when we go to the hospital… again.” Alix consents. “But, hurry. They might find us any moment now.”


Rea takes two pieces of wood, lying on the ground and pulls some rope out of her pack. She then proceeds to bind the two slats to her mentor’s broken arm, winding the cord around it. Finished, she nods in satisfaction. “Done. You’re free to go now.” Alix nods her thanks. “Right. Stay here. If they come around this way… um, run, hide, throw stuff at them, and try not to get killed,” she cautions as she hurries off. Rea raises her eyebrows and mutters, “That’s all I’ve been trying to do ever since I came to live with you.”


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