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Hidden Close Jr Year


Bryan Varner

Mindi’s and Perry's love for each other is blossoming, and so is the looming adventures and dangers ahead of them. With the appearance of new friends and foes, the challenge is clear: can their love survive? Find out in “Hidden Close (Jr. Year)”.

Chapter 1


Part 1 Of The First Draft


I’ve been dreading this moment. The start of our junior year. Everyone at our high school obviously shared my feelings, too, except for him. Perry came over to where I am, dressed in his best. He was wearing a skin tight black shirt and matching khakis. Since I first met him, he's really grown up, both mentally and physically. He's not that angry and quiet boy any longer.


“You look nice, Mindi.”


He’s always trying to embarrass me, but deep down inside, I like it. I had worn a mid length black skirt with a belt today, wearing a simple matching top, along with some killer new boots I had bought. My hair was pulled back, as it had grown quite a bit over our adventurous summer. It shimmered brown in the sun, and looked nothing short of amazing. Something happened right before school started. Although I still hurt myself at times, I feel more confident, and don't feel depressed as often. 


“You look good, too, Perry. Are you ready for class?”


Perry nodded, and we walked together to our first class of junior year. We had PE first, which isn’t such a bad thing. There is nothing like a few laps around the track to wake you up. When we made it to the gym, we split off to our respective locker rooms. I haven’t taken gym since my freshman year. Most girls know I cut, but none of them know how much. For that reason, I changed into my PE shorts and shirt early. Despite all of the strides I have made in my battle with depression, I still haven't completely stopped hurting myself. I'm not like other girls who might do it for attention, and I don't want the other students in my class to feel sorry for me. 


When I had completely changed, shoes and all, I put my skirt, shirt, phone and all in my locker and sat down on the bench. I watched as the other girls slowly started to come into the locker room, and patiently waited for the bell to ring. Many of the other girls stared at me as they came in, except for one of them. She was a quiet girl, who had medium length black hair and was average in stature. I found her odd, as she looked up and over at me every now and then. I thought to talk to her, but as I had finally got the nerve to go and introduce myself, the bell rang. All of us went out into the gym area, where the boys in the class, including Perry, were already out there. The girl who had been looking at me, came in and stood next to me. The PE instructors came in, and addressed us, shouting,


“Okay, boys and girls! Go out to the track and run two laps. Go, go, go!”


All of us went out to the track, and my hopes to run next to Perry was crushed, as he instantly went to the head of the pack with his superhuman speed. The black-haired girl, however, ran next to me, right at my side. She told be, between her breaths, 


“Hi....uh....I’m Becky. I've seen you around school, and uh...I think we have some things in common. Will you sit with me at lunch?”


As strange as she is, I couldn’t turn down her invitation,


“Sure! I’m Mindi, in case you didn't know....”


“I did know. Let's just say I'm a fan of yours.”


We finished the rest of the run in silence, and when we got back to the gym, many of the girls, including Becky, were winded, but not me. Perry had beat us all in the run, and was bent over, and trying hard to catch his breath. The coaches then split us off in two groups, and Coach Lindsey, who is a blonde with short hair, told us, 


“Okay, girls! I want you to practice your ball skills today! Basketball may not interest you, but it's a good sport that will train your dexterity and tone your whole body.”


When coach Lindsey left us, Becky joined me at my side, and asked,


“Will you play with me? I like to shoot hoops....”


Becky sure was strange but she's real friendly and polite. 


“Sure, why not?”


Becky grabbed a ball, and then stood at the freethrow line. She shot it flat footed, and made it with nothing but net. She did this two more times, and then told me, 


“Uh....I’m kinda special. I'm really shy and not good with boys, but I’m good at things....”


“Yeah, you are an incredible shot, Becky. Can I ask you something?”


Becky then made a layup, and grabbed her own rebound. 


“Yeah, sure....”


“Becky, you cut, don’t you?”


I shouldn’t of asked this. She fought back her tears, and then admitted,


“Yeah...I thought you might be able to help me with it....I saw your cuts earlier....we can still be friends, right?”


I nodded, and smiled. 


“Of course, Becky. You are a really nice girl, and talented, too.”


Becky smiled, although I knew she was trying real hard not to. The rest of the class flew by, and Becky didn't let me score on her once, she was just that good. When we went back to the locker room to change, Becky sat nearby me, and I couldn't help but look at her. She had many burn and cut marks all over what would normally be covered. She'd be a perfect friend for me. Lana, my adopted sister, is in college now and working at the Burger Emporium still, so she's not really around to talk to.


I was stoked to sit with Becky at lunch, and let's just say I don't think she'll be a threat around Perry. Today’s turned out better than what I had expected, and I'm relieved that it did. As lunch crept up on me, I found out that Becky was in my English class, too. She wasn't surprised to see me at all, and I am starting to believe there is something different about Becky. She has such perfect handwriting, and there seems to be nothing this girl can't do. Why would this girl ever want to hurt herself? Becky really is mysterious, and I'm dying to solve the puzzle that she is. Becky, oh how complicated you are! Why did you have to be my stalker? Couldn't you have been anyone else? 


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