Cover Art

March 2017


Catherine Mohs

Short Ranger's Apprentice fan fiction stories written in March. My friend and I came up with a list of pictures which then we'd have to write at least 100 words for each prompt every other day. *NOTE: This is UNEDITED! I'm just posting what I have written for fun in the last few months.*

02 March

Alix and Rea frown, looking around at the thickening mists and steam rising from the river. The sun had set a good hour before and it was now quite dark, the thick fog not helping any. Alix suddenly turns, hearing a noise behind them. There she stood, wrapped in a black cloak, her bright orange hair standing out in stark contrast to her dark clothing. Alix clears her throat, uncomfortable. It was always awkward and uncomfortable to talk to this woman, but she provided good and precise information. Alix had used her services several times and she knew she was reliable. Still, the former meetings had done nothing assuage the shivers that went up her spine on seeing this strange creature. “I have more information for you about the McLaughlin drug gang. They have a new hideout. Here are the coordinates,” she says in a silky soft voice, handing Alix a paper. “I have nothing else.” Alix nods and presses a few dollars into her hand, which was strangely cold and clammy. “Thanks,” she says quickly before motioning to her trainee to follow her to the waiting car. As she enters the car, Rea turns once more to look at their strange informant. She was walking away into the mists, her cloak swirling around her shoulders, her hair rippling in the breeze, and the fog swirling between her legs.


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