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Hidden Inside


Bryan Varner

Mindi is now a full Lamia, thanks to her husband-to-be, Perry. It's been a full year since they first met and their love continues to grow, and so do Mindi's Lamia powers. Seventeen year old Mindi and her love Perry go on a summer camping trip where they soon find themselves in the eye of danger once more. Will they be buried alive where no one can hear their pleas for help? Help comes, but will they all find death at their concealed captor’s hands?

Chapter 1

Part 1 Of The First Draft



The year came to a close, and it is now officially summer break. No longer will we be held back by school and cold least for three months. I couldn't be happier, and my hot teenage husband-to-be was more than ready to take some time off with the one he cares about the most: me. Perry wiped the sweat off his brow, and fixed his tight black shirt, which was stuck to his slender, yet toned body. His dark hair glistened in the sun, and he asked me, 


“Ready to go grab a soda?”


There was this place that we had been dying to check out for some time. It was like a soda bar, you know, a place for teenagers to hang out together without breaking the law. I pulled Perry towards me, and kissed him softly on the lips, real slow. He did not pull away, and met my tongue with his own. The moment passed by, and we then gently broke the embrace, and I smiled while I pushed him carefully back. I pushed my long brown hair back, and finally replied to Perry's question, 


“Yes. Let's go, my love.”


The place was called The Junction. I know, weird name, but it's supposed to be real stellar. My friend, who was at one point my ex-girlfriend, is going to meet me there. Becky had met both Perry and me last year, and we more or less had to save her from a really bad situation. She was under the control of an evil vampire known simply as Carlita. Carlita, when we finally knocked her free from mind control, proved to be someone we had not taken her for. Carlita in reality was Carlie, a woman from my own mother’s past. Carlie came to stay with us for some time before she could get her own two feet back on the ground. Becky had a hard time forgiving Carlie, even though Carlie was merely someone elses’ pawn. Becky said to us after we made it to The Junction,


“Hey, guys. I thought you'd never make it here.”


Becky looked good as she always does, wearing a black tank and a short plaid skirt she must have changed into after school. Her recently short cut, dark hair did her some real justice, and I realized she might be on the hunt for a new girlfriend. I smiled at her, and commented, 


“Thank goodness school is out. I'm ready to have some fun.”


We all shared in a laugh, and then went to the bar where we ordered some exotic cherry-flavored Italian sodas. We then proceeded to slurp them down, and as the evening came, the music at The Junction kept on playing. We danced the night away, and only stopped when the place had to close for the night. As we left with Becky, I teased her, prying just a little,


“So how'd you do?”


Becky laughed, and put her arm around me, explaining,


“I danced with a few girls, but quite honestly.....none of them were good enough for me....he he.”


We dropped off Becky, who I hugged before she had a chance to go into her house where she lived with her older sister Veronica. Their parents had died some time ago in a wreck, and despite how strict Veronica can be, we get along just fine. She even knows our secret, you know, what we truly are. In fact, Veronica had been right in the crossfire of our battle between us and the demon known as Ignitro last year. That would have been the one that was controlling both Becky and Carlie for his own evil means. He had nearly killed us, but by some miracle we had defeated him, freeing the owner of the club The Weekend Freak, Mister Paulson. We had beat Ignitro in the silliest of ways, terrifying him with the gift of the wolf, which is yet another long story.


The ordeal I had suffered through around the time of my seventeenth birthday left me in anguish, but as the ordeal grinded to an end, the pain left me and I knew what it was like, finally, to be a Lamia. If a mortal bonds with a Lamia for a full year, (bond means having the Lamia love you and have the love returned to them,) then the mate becomes Lamia as well, sealing them in love forever. Not even when Perry had left me did my love die, and when I had dated Becky, I still felt love for only him. We had chased after Perry and his brother Brad, who was my adopted sister's boyfriend. (yes, laugh all you want, two sisters dating a pair of brothers.) Lana and I had arrived in Atlanta, where I used my budding Lamia power to find them and convince the Eisens to return to Knoxville. They had originally thought by leaving then we would not be in danger, but when I had shown them my injury where I had fallen out of my desk and cracked my head open at school, they conceded and happily returned to Knoxville. I had nearly died from my head injury, and when Perry returned, I felt as if I could finally breathe again. Quite honestly, he is the life that sustains me and keeps me going. Perry is everything to me.


The return home had been a quiet one, and when I had stepped out of Perry's car, I went to the driver’s side and kissed Perry's cheek, telling him,


“This summer should be....a tasty one. I can't wait for this weekend. We haven't spent the entire day together for what seems like forever. Not really since my birthday. To think, we'll have two full days of bliss....”


Perry let a rare smile cross his face, and then agreed with me,


“Yeah, camping can be a lot of fun. I only wish that we could spend more than just one weekend at the campgrounds.”


The only thing I could wish for more is that Grace wasn't going to be there. Perry’s mother Grace is a wonderful woman, don't get me wrong, it's just that I wish I could be alone with my hunk of a boyfriend. No matter, it'll still be fun. I slept easy that night, thanks to the changes that my Lamia power had silently made for me. Becoming one with Perry had stopped my depression and I had even not cut once since I became like him. The Lamia power had even given me exceptional insight, and there isn't a day that I go through that I don't thank Perry for what he has done and continues to do for me. What can I say? I truly love him.




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