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Kharissa Newbill


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  • What Time Can Fix

    What Time Can Fix

    1 Chapters

    June 16, 2016
    Jocelyn Talbot has never liked the countryside. She's never liked her arrogant childhood friend Nicholas much either for that matter. However, after her sister Gabrielle decides to hold her summer wedding in their old countryside, childhood home in Kentucky, Jocelyn finds herself having to deal with both of the things she hates. Wasn't July supposed to be her month of relaxation? As if coming from a long line of time travelers wasn't stressful enough.
  • The Close

    The Close

    1 Chapters

    August 19, 2016
    It had been five months, three days, and eight hours since the entire world had begun its slow descent towards the apocalypse. She had counted. Dana lived in a fallen world, where the apocalypse was a sword hanging above her head ready to strike. In a world claimed by mass hysteria, the only thing Dana can do to push forward is focus on survival, to focus on the day to day, without realising that the end is closer than she thinks, and soon everything she has ever known will be flipped on its head forever.

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