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  • Saving Xavier

    Saving Xavier

    113 Chapters

    November 6, 2015
    Xavier Meyers works for the Universals, a group that is dedicated to reforming the world and wiping out the Gard and their work. Emily Meyers recently married Xavier. She is determined to support him through the thick and thin of it. Jacopo Beauregard is an assassin. He kills in the service of the Gard, eradicating the more dangerous Universals. Isa Beauregard is Jacopo’s older sister. She is determined to become the leader of the Gard once their father dies and leaves the position vacant. And then everything goes haywire. Xavier is given an incurable death-sentence, destroying all his bright dreams. Jacopo begins to question himself and his life, leaving him guilt-ridden and depressed. Four people, two organizations, a fight for power, and second chances.
  • Refresh Button

    Refresh Button

    1 Chapters

    May 23, 2016
  • The Universal Fear

    The Universal Fear

    1 Chapters

    August 23, 2016
    The mega-tsunami was going to hit in two minutes. I had been content and peaceful for the last half hour, until I realized what I had forgotten. I knew I couldn't be at peace until I had fixed my oversight.
  • Ichtaca


    2 Chapters

    November 1, 2016
    The Momoztli, a huge natural hole in the ground at the top of the cliff, is used by the inhabitants of Tanhuaca for the disposal of anyone and everyone: the monthly human sacrifice, criminals, elderly, unwanted babies, orphans, sterile young women, and cripples. All those who are not useful, who cannot contribute to Tanhuaca, are thrown down with ceremony to appease the gods and better the community. When Eztli is picked as a sacrificial victim and thrown into the Momoztli as an offering, she literally lands in the middle of a ten-year-old secret, a cavern-dwelling community of past victims, led by the first man to survive. However, the community, known as the Ichtaca, turns out to be a dangerous haven. Peopled with criminals, children, and grandparents, and led by a harsh living legend, the community is inching towards self-destruction. The situation becomes only more urgent when the victims begin to come alarmingly frequently, at strange times… and already viciously murdered.

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