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Nina Sessions


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<<Age 16-Christ Follower-"The Gravity in our Lives" available on Amazon-Published Poet Age 14-Published Novelist Age 15>>

Published Stories 2

  • An Orphan's Summer

    An Orphan's Summer

    1 Chapters

    June 7, 2016
  • Death and Magic

    Death and Magic

    1 Chapters

    November 9, 2016
    13-year-old Mona Iverson is a "carpe diem" type'a gal. She likes to have fun and be unconventional. Her best friend Everett, however, is the shy, cautious type. They normally balance each other out well and always have a great time- that is, until one day, when Mona decides to mess with an actress with a witchcraft booth at a fair, much to Everett's concern. Live-a-little Mona doesn't listen to Everett, decides to seize the day, and asks the witch for the ability to see the future. What she doesn't realize, however, are the possible consequences of her actions...

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