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Bryan Varner


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Hi, I am a pagan paranormal romance author as well as a Lovecraftian horror author. I am heavily influenced by the Twilight Zone series writer Rod Sirling, Anne Rice, H.P Lovercraft, Bram Stoker and Mary Shelley. I also write a self-help secular blog. I keep the faith always.

Published Stories 4

  • The Power Of Duat

    The Power Of Duat

    70 Chapters

    May 19, 2017
    An inside look at Egyptian Shamanism, something that has remained mostly hidden for thousands of years. In this book we study all of the techniques and spirits used to obtain archaic bliss, utilizing all of the magick that exists in the mysterious land of Duat
  • Hidden Away

    Hidden Away

    68 Chapters

    June 28, 2017
    Mindi, a young girl in high school, wants a meaningful relationship with a cute intellectual. To her disappointment, there are no such boys in her school. Then, one day, a mysterious boy named Perry appears in her math class. She's captivated by him but his disappearing acts leave her speechless. He asks her out though, and she quickly agrees. Maybe Mindi’s luck has finally changed.
  • Hidden Close Jr Year

    Hidden Close Jr Year

    67 Chapters

    October 5, 2017
    Mindi’s and Perry's love for each other is blossoming, and so is the looming adventures and dangers ahead of them. With the appearance of new friends and foes, the challenge is clear: can their love survive? Find out in “Hidden Close (Jr. Year)”.
  • Hidden Inside

    Hidden Inside

    17 Chapters

    December 28, 2017
    Mindi is now a full Lamia, thanks to her husband-to-be, Perry. It's been a full year since they first met and their love continues to grow, and so do Mindi's Lamia powers. Seventeen year old Mindi and her love Perry go on a summer camping trip where they soon find themselves in the eye of danger once more. Will they be buried alive where no one can hear their pleas for help? Help comes, but will they all find death at their concealed captor’s hands?

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