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Mary Hazel Upton


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I have been writing stories since I was six years old. My favorite kinds of fiction are Gothic romance, horror, and science fiction. I write a little bit of everything, but mostly in those categories. I hope someone besides myself will enjoy reading my stories and nonfiction, but I write it for myself. I would write my stories whether anyone else ever wanted to read them or not. I always get to be the heroine and I always get to be young and pretty. My husband always gets to be the hero.

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  • The Sleepwalker

    The Sleepwalker

    11 Chapters

    March 18, 2017
    It has been over six months since Melissa Sue died and was buried in the Haven Of The Angels Cemetery. Melita Ann, her twin sister, continues to grieve. At first she is terrified when she awakes to hear Melissa Sue, who used to walk in her sleep, outside her window. Terror turns to uneasy joy. Too late she learns that Melissa Sue is now a vampire--and that she wants Melita Ann to become one of the undead and join her forever. Together, Melita Ann and Melissa Sue's boyfriend, Alan, must try to defeat the forces of darkness and let Melissa Sue finally rest in peace.

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