Welcome to Upliterate!

We're glad you could make it!

Upliterate is a community that brings readers and authors together around great stories. For readers, it’s a place to read new, original fiction for free. For authors, it’s a brand-new way to self publish their stories.

We're in Beta Right Now

That means we’re still building features and squashing bugs. But the core functionality is already in place, you can jump in and start using Upliterate right now!

You can write and upload your own story or look around at what other writers have made and give them feedback. If you happen to encounter any bugs on the site, please drop us a line and we’ll address it right away!

If you’re interested in how much further we have until we get out of Beta, check out our public progress board on Trello.

How it Works

Authors publish their stories on Upliterate chapter by chapter. Readers can follow along and subscribe to stories to get updates when new chapters are released. They can also provide the author with valuable feedback by commenting on stories.

We’re currently building tools that will allow authors to publish and sell their stories as ebooks once the book is complete. Until that time, though, all stories published on Upliterate are available to read for free.

Down the Road

Our primary development goal right now is finishing Upliterate’s “Version One” features and giving our authors the ability to publish their stories as ebooks. Check out our public progress board on Trello if you want to see how we’re coming along!

You can also follow us on social media to keep track of what we’re doing. If you have any questions or ideas for us, you can contact us here!